Who is Lorissa?

Yes, there is a real Lorissa. Her daily need to juggle a busy, on-the-go family and healthy lifestyle is the inspiration for Lorissa’s Kitchen. Lorissa wanted a delicious, healthy snack that she could take anywhere, without sacrificing the quality and responsible ingredients she cares about. From her quest, we created Lorissa’s Kitchen premium protein snacks.

What makes Lorissa’s Kitchen different?

It’s our belief that a passion for delicious food goes hand in hand with a passion for making responsible choices. Not everyone can claim to bring both of those to the table at once. That’s what sets us apart.

How is Lorissa’s Kitchen different than traditional jerky?

While similar to traditional jerky, Lorissa’s Kitchen has higher moisture than jerky, giving it a more tender bite.

How many Lorissa’s Kitchen flavors are there?

Lorissa’s Kitchen comes in four delicious flavors including Korean Barbeque Beef, Ginger Teriyaki Chicken, Sweet Chili Pork and Szechuan Peppercorn Beef.

Where can I buy Lorissa’s Kitchen products?

Lorissa’s Kitchen will be nationally available beginning February 2016.

How much does a package of Lorissa’s Kitchen protein snacks cost?

While price may vary by retailer, a 2.25 oz. package of Lorissa’s Kitchen protein snacks costs approximately $5.99.

Are there any better-for-you benefits in Lorissa’s Kitchen products?

Yes, Lorissa’s Kitchen products all feature a clean label with many better-for-you benefits, including:

  •  100% Grass-Fed Beef
  •  Responsibly Raised Pork
  •  Antibiotic-Free Chicken
  •  No Preservatives
  •  No Added Growth Hormones
  •  No Added MSG
  •  No Added Nitrites
  •  Gluten Free
How many calories are in a serving of Lorissa’s Kitchen?

There are 80 calories in a single serving (1 oz.) of all flavors of Lorissa’s Kitchen premium protein snacks.

What is grass fed beef and why is it important?

Grass-fed means the cattle we use have a forage-based diet. It’s a practice that’s good for both animal well-being and for managing natural resources by allowing the animals to graze freely on open pastures. Grass fed is commonly used farming practice known around the globe today.

How do you define raised responsibly?

To us, raised responsibly means sourcing beef, pork and poultry from farmers who are as passionate about animal well-being as we are about amazing flavor. Animal well-being is a top priority for our farmers and supply chain partners who supply us with our proteins today. Our suppliers adhere to the strictest humane guidelines as well as being stewards of the environment striving to improve today’s current farming practices to be leaders in sustainable agriculture.

Are any of your products Gluten Free?

Yes, all of them.


Lorissa’s Kitchen chicken and pork is raised without human or animal antibiotics from day one. This ensures our customers receive the highest quality product possible.

From where are your proteins sourced?

Our poultry and pork is sourced from reputable farms in the U.S. and our grass-fed beef is sourced from New Zealand.

Where are your products produced?

Lorissa’s Kitchen premium protein snacks are made in the USA.