Passion is Our Main Ingredient

When you take pride in all you do, there’s no need for secrets. At Lorissa’s Kitchen, we carefully select the foods you already know and love, and prepare them with a passion we couldn’t hide even if we wanted to. Because you’ll taste it in every delicious bite.

Meet Lorissa

From her family life to her health and wellness beliefs, this is Lorissa’s Story.

Raised Responsibly

Passion in how it’s raised

We only work with farmers as committed to animal well-being as we are to amazing flavor. We only source 100% grass-fed beef. And our chickens are American Humane Certified, meaning they’re antibiotic-free and raised without added growth hormones.

100% Grass-Fed Beef
Raised Without Antibiotics


Passion In How It's Sourced

We believe that reading an ingredient list shouldn’t be a chore. It’s our dedication to using only the most flavorful ingredients that you recognize from purveyors with the highest quality standards that sets us apart.

Our Products

Passion In Every Bag

No two palates are alike. That’s why we offer four unique recipes, each made using carefully selected ingredients and prepared so that every bite is as flavorful as possible.