The go-to snack
for go time.

Take on a busy day,
one bite at a time.

Quick snacks made with premium
smoked meats and savory seasonings.

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Always ready to go.
And go. And go.

Convenient, gluten-free, and made of
slow-smoked beef raised without antibiotics.

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Wholesome, delicious snacks
for full schedules and hungry families.

Weekend errands
Pre-practice snack
Mom-bag essentials
Easy-to-pack lunches
Family outing
Study breaks
At the office
Backpack back-up
Before a game
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From a busy mom,
for busy moms.

Lorissa wanted to feed her children wholesome, nourishing snacks that could keep up with their busy schedule. Sound familiar?

Meet Lorissa

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in the jerky aisle at:

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“Lorissa’s Kitchen snacks are a must for my kiddos (and me)! They’re my fav!”

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