From a busy mom,
for busy moms.

The inspiration behind our snacks:
Lorissa and her family’s non-stop schedule.

“The best things in life are made with love. That’s why I started Lorissa’s Kitchen: out of love for simple ingredients, delicious recipes, and nourishing snacks. And just like you, my busy, on-the-go family needed wholesome, real snack solutions the kids would love too. Our first batch was a hit. And we haven’t slowed down since.”

A simple goal: Wholesome on-the-go snacks.

Lorissa’s first job was on a farm near her home town in southern Minnesota, where she gained an appreciation for real ingredients (and the hard work it takes to bring them to the table).

Years later, when Lorissa became a mom, she realized that many kid-friendly snacks had preservatives, MSG and nitrates—the exact opposite of the real ingredients she had grown up with. This was the spark of Lorissa’s Kitchen: To help all moms feed their children convenient, delicious snacks with wholesome protein, right when they needed it most. That’s why her high-quality snacks are:

Made with 100%
grass-fed beef

Made with all-natural
chicken and turkey

Naturally seasoned

Preservative free

Free of added nitrates,
nitrites and MSG

Free of added
growth hormones

Gluten-free and

Easy to pack and
easy to eat

Even available in dairy-
and soy-free options!